• Three Tips For Getting Auto Collision Services

    Auto collisions can be devastating to your health and your vehicle. But since you need to protect your health, get your car back, and get your life back together, it is important that you put the details together that can be helpful. These three tips will help you when you need auto collision repair service.  1. Make sure you're not hurt and get help if you are  Injuries need to be your first area to focus on if you get into an accident.
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  • 2 Ways A Frame Bent During A Collision Affects Your Car's Other Safety Features

    After being struck by another vehicle, you may have discovered that your car's frame was slightly warped or bent during the collision. And, since the vehicle still drives fairly straight, you may believe that you can put off having the frame repaired. However, if your frame sustained damage and was weakened, it could adversely affect a couple of your car's other safety features, which could be dangerous if you were to be in another accident.
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