4 Reasons Your "Service Engine Soon Light" Turned On

Posted on: 16 April 2015

One of the things that drivers dread seeing is that ominous service engine soon light turning on while they are driving. It is definitely not something you should ignore, as avoiding the problem could lead to an unforeseen issue. Here are 4 reasons why the light could have turned on.

A Failing Oxygen Sensor

You car's oxygen sensor is what measures how much unburned oxygen is in your exhaust system. An oxygen sensor that is not working properly will cause your car to use much more fuel than it needs to. Ignoring the service engine soon light will lead to the car becoming less fuel efficient as you drive, which will cost you money over time.

A Loose Gas Tank Cap

If your gas cap was not secured tightly enough, or you simply forgot to put it on after filling up the tank, the service engine soon light will come on. This is because the gas will evaporate without the cap to properly contain it, which will lead to more frequent fill ups than normal.

Solving this problem is simple, as you just need to secure the cap on the gas tank. Keep in mind that securing your gas cap will not automatically cause the light to turn off, as every car has a different computer system. Your car may need to start up several times without any problems for the light to turn off, or it may need to be turned off manually by a mechanic.

A Damaged Catalytic Converter

Your catalytic converter converts the dangerous carbon monoxide your car produces into a much safer carbon dioxide. The part can simply fail over time, or from not having regular maintenance done. A broken catalytic converter will cause a car to operate at high temperatures, and decrease fuel efficiency. If your state requires emissions testing, it may cause the car to fail the test as well.

Bad Spark Plugs

Spark plus are important for any car, as they assist with creating the necessary combustion that starts the engine. Ignoring this problem can damage multiple parts of your car, including the oxygen sensor and catalytic converter. It will also cause a decrease in fuel efficiency.

Now that you are aware of a few reasons the service engine soon light could be going off, and the consequences of not investigating it, you will be more motivated to have it looked at by a mechanic. To learn more, contact a company like Central Body Co Inc. with any questions you have.