Learn How A Painting Technician Can Repair Bleeding Paint On The Exterior Of Your Car

Posted on: 17 June 2016

If you purchased a car only to notice that the paint color is not uniform on the exterior of the car later on down the road, do not worry because the problem is fixable. The issue is often referred to as bleeding. Bleeding occurs when a car is repainted improperly by someone and the original color of the paint bleeds through the last color of paint that was applied to the car. Fortunately, bleeding can be fixed. The guide below walks you through the process a car painting company will take to stop the paint bleeding and get your car looking as great as it possibly can.  

Inspect The Paint

The first thing that the paint technician will do is inspect the entire exterior of the car to see if the bleeding is affecting the entire car or just portions of the car. There are times when the roofs of cars are not properly painted and commonly show signs of bleeding. 

Sand Down the Surface of the Car

Next, the technician will sand down the entire surface of the car. This is done to remove all paint from the surface and make it as even as it can possibly be. Sanding down the car does not cause any damage to the car itself. It simply creates a blank canvas for the technician to work with when painting your car.

Clean the Exterior of the Car

Next, the technician will take the time to thoroughly clean the exterior of the car. In order for the paint to properly adhere to the surface of the car, there needs to be absolutely nothing on it. No dirt, dust, or debris can be on the car in order for the paint to adhere properly.

Prime the Exterior of the Car

The technician will then apply a coat of primer to the car to ensure that the surface is uniform. Once the primer is applied to the car, it will have a solid white or off-white color to it.

Paint the Exterior of the Car

Once the primer dries, the technician will paint the car with a few coats of the paint color that you chose for the car. Each coat of paint must be applied very evenly so it may take a few hours before the car is finished being painted to ensure that the paint is applied as evenly as it can be.

After the paint dries, the technician will apply a protective clear coat to the car to keep the paint from chipping or fading over time. Your car should look as good as new when the auto body repair services technician is done painting your car.