Important Tips For Choosing A Body Shop For Your Luxury Car's Collision Repair

Posted on: 8 October 2018

If your luxury car was hit by another driver and now it needs to go into a body shop for repairs, then choosing the right shop is important for getting a high-quality repair. Rather than going with the shop down the road from your house or the one your auto insurance recommends, instead, follow each of these tips to find the best body shop.

Tip: Look for a Busy Shop with a Long Track Record of Quality Collision Damage Repairs

There are two things you should always look for when choosing a body shop:

  1. A shop that is busy

  2. A shop with a long track record of quality repairs

While you may not like the added waiting time that can come from working with a busy shop, it's important to remember the shop is busy for a reason!

A body shop that's loaded with cars is one known for doing quality work. Additionally, body shops that do a higher volume of work often stock more parts or can more quickly acquire what they need to fix your car's damage.

A well-established business is also important because it ensures they will still be in business in the future if you need to have any warranty work done.

Tip: Ask if the Shop Offers Paintless Dent Repairs

If the body damage on your car isn't too bad and is dented in such a way where the dent can be popped out, then it may be possible to repair it using a process commonly referred to as a paintless dent repair.

With a paintless dent repair, the dents are removed, and then only the clear coat layer of paint needs to be replaced. Paintless dent repairs are cheaper than a traditional repair and if this is an option for your car is the fastest and least expensive way to fix the collision damage.

Tip: Look at the Hourly Rate Schedule for Labor at Each Body Shop

As you develop a short list of body shops you are considering entrusting your luxury car with, take the time to look at their hourly rate schedule. As with other types of auto repair shops, body shops have a wide variety of different hourly rates. While the labor cost shouldn't be the deciding factor, knowing the cost upfront will help you avoid an unnecessarily expensive repair.

Tip: Ask if the Body Shop Blueprints

Blueprinting is an industry practice where a group of people evaluate your vehicle's damage and create the estimated cost of the repair.

By bringing together the painter, part ordering person, and the body repair technician, they are able to give you a much more accurate estimate by uncovering any underlying damage that would otherwise be missed by a single person. For more information, contact a company like Sam's Automotive Reconditioning Center.