Are You Fixing Up An Old Car?

Posted on: 29 May 2020

Were you lucky enough to find an older car that still runs great? Maybe the previous owner thought he or she was going to keep the car. With that in mind, maybe things like brakes and other essential parts of the car were replaced. That was the good news. The not-so-good news is the fact that the car doesn't look too great. Lucky for you, auto body repair is affordable and easy to find. 

Decide What Needs To Be Repaired

Before you take your car to an auto body repair shop, make a thorough evaluation of what the car needs in order to look nice again. 

For instance, are there lots of small dents in the car that were caused by a hailstorm that hit your area?  Maybe there is a large dent on the side of the car where something like a grocery cart slammed into it. Perhaps an entire car door was smashed in an auto accident. 

Did the car drive through a seriously horrible sandstorm? If so, the car might need a complexly new paint job. Minor repairs like missing side mirrors might need attention.

If the inside upholstery is cracked and peeling, or if the upholstery is stained or torn, that is another issue to address.

Go To An Auto Body Repair Shop

After you have decided what needs to be done to your car, make a list and take it to an auto body repair shop. The workers there will have the training and the experience to make your car look like new.

Small dents, maybe caused by hail, can be easily repaired, and the cost will probably be very affordable. Obviously, a larger dent or a smashed door will need a lot more attention. 

In fact, the door might even need to be replaced. The waiting time for a new door to be delivered might be lengthy.

If the car needs a new side mirror, the auto repair shop might have those in stock. Otherwise, you'll play the waiting game again.

For upholstery repair or replacement, the car might need to go to a different repair facility.

If it is determined that your car needs a totally new paint job, decide whether you want to keep the same color or whether you want to go with a totally different color.

It might be fun for you to take before-and-after pictures. Those will probably be real conversation starters with your friends.