Things To Consider When Installing A Lift Kit In Your Truck

Posted on: 21 September 2020

Truck lift kits can be complete systems that make the truck's suspension higher, or they can be very basic kits with a few parts in them that allow you to raise the truck away from the axle and install larger tires. There are some things that need to be considered when you alter the suspension in your truck, and getting the best quality truck lift kit you can afford will help. 

Springs Versus Blocks

One of the most common ways to save money on a truck lift kit is to buy one that uses lift blocks or spacers between the factory springs and the axles. While this will make the truck taller, it is not the best way to lift the truck. The blocks can loosen over time and be affected by torsional force when you are accelerating, which can cause the blocks to shift and even break or come out. 

Using a truck lift kit that comes with new springs is a better choice because the springs are designed and engineered to replace the old springs while providing more height and better handling. The difference in price can be significant, but if you want your truck to look great, perform as it should, and be safe, a full suspension system is the best option when shopping for truck lift kits.

Steering Corrections

When you raise your truck's height using a truck lift kit, the steering geometry can change significantly. Small lifts under about three inches do not change a lot, but trucks that are raised four, five, or even six inches can start to suffer from handling problems because of the angles of the steering parts. 

Often a modified Pitman arm or steering lint is required, or steering links that are made to take the angle out of the steering system are needed. Complete suspension systems often come with these additional pieces so that when the truck lift kit installation is finished, the steering does not bind, and the truck is safe to drive. It would be best if you had an alignment done on the vehicle after the work is complete to ensure that all the links and parts are appropriately adjusted. 

Legal Concerns

In many states, there are limits to how high a truck lift kit can lift the truck. Be sure to check the legal restrictions in your area before you buy the kit for your truck or have a truck lift kit installation done on it.

In some cases, moving the bumper down or using large wheel arches or flares can help, but be sure that your truck meets the legal requirements when the work is done, or you may find yourself getting stopped by law enforcement quite often.