2 Benefits Of Using Paintless Dent Repair To Fix Your Car Body's Hail Damage

Posted on: 18 December 2020

After a severe storm passed through and dumped a lot of large hail in your area, you may have discovered that your car was dented in several places. If the paint was not scratched, then you only need to fix the dents. If this is the case, consider the benefits of having the damage fixed using paintless dent repair instead of other methods.

1.  Keeps the Car's Original Contours Intact Using Shape Memory

One benefit of having someone use the paintless dent repair technique to fix the damage to your car's body is that there is a greater chance that the panels will keep the original contours of the body. The contours are kept intact thanks to the shape memory of the material.

When the panels are made in the factory, the metal or fiberglass is shaped in a way that allows for the body to pop back into place smoothly when the right amount of pressure or suction is applied. Paintless dent repair makes use of this feature to pull the dented areas back into place so that the panels return to their original shape.

If other methods are used, however, the portion of the panel that is dented is often cut out or forced unnaturally. In this case, while the dent may be fixed, it may still be seen when looking at the car at different angles.

2.  Prevents Splotches and Mismatched Paint Tones

Another advantage of using this technique to fix the dents in your car's body is that it prevents the splotches and mismatched paint tones that are often the result of other methods. With other types of dent repair, the paint's original color has to be matched.

While it may be close, there is always the possibility that there will be slight variations in the tones. This can make your car's body look noticeably splotchy.

However, since the paintless technique does not use paint, the car's original color stays intact. While the clear coat may need to be reapplied, there is no need to repaint the panel and risk mismatching the color.

If your car has sustained hail damage that caused dents without any scratching, this technique can help to restore the body's shape and color so that it does not even look like there was any noticeable damage. To learn more, take your car to an auto body and paint shop that offers paintless repair services to see if this technique can be used to fix the hail damage done to your vehicle.